Dual SIM installation for V1.1.1


Step 1. Download the hyper Card user menu here User Guide of Hyper Card

Refer the Menu. Cut the SIM card to a small SIM, then insert it to Dual SIM socket. Please use the slim cover on the Dual SIM.

Or stick a type on it…



The Gold face on small SIM has to connect to the contact of Dual SIM correctly. As below :


Insert the Dual SIM to the phone.


Step 2. ( Wifi is required )

1. Slide to reach the emergency dial screen

2. enter *#307# and then press call

3. Your phone will ring itself, press answer

(If could not find "Answer" key, please dail 0 again)

4. Press hold now and your phone will start ringing again

5. Press Dismiss and your phone will go into the contacts/dial screen

6. Press contacts from the bottom bar and add a contact

7. Add a contact with a random name and homepage as >> prefs://

8. Save it and click on the contact's homepage. this will take you straight into the setting menu of the iPhone, and you can take all the time to select a WIFI network! ( Wifi is required ) you will see a wifi signal on top of the iphone later.


9. Press the home button and enter "0" and then press call again.

10. For the next step add another contact give it another name and this time add the address as >> http://jailbreak.toc2rta.com/


10. Save the contact and then go to the 2nd url you just saved. Safari will load the page and then close automatically to the home screen (the screen back to activate iphone).


Please install Apple iTunes V7.4x


Step 2.  To activate the phone, please the steps


Download the software http://www.hyper-card.com/share/carnaval-v04.rar

Extract above file and find the (CLICK HERE) by brasuco.bat


Follow the direction, you need to reboot 4 times.

iPHONE will be activated. (Please check iphone, the installer software is installed )


Switch to SIM-2, select “Setup”->”Phone”->”SIM application”-> SIM-2.

If the SIM-2 socket is empty, please don’t select SIM-2